All One Needs To Know About Podiatry And Orthotics

Science and technology have brought lot of advancements and progression in the all the spheres of life. Various inventions and discoveries have not only reduced the distances but have also made our life much easier than before. Even though every field has advanced due to these scientific discoveries but one field which has progressed to a great level is the field of medicine. Such cures and treatments have been introduced that almost every kind of deformation, disease and disorder can be treated with the help of them. This treatment can be carried out by the use of medication, surgery or any other medical equipment. One such field of medicine is known as podiatry in which medical devices or equipments like orthotic is used. In this article, we will be discussing about everything that one needs to know about podiatry and orthotics Richmond.  


There are many branches of science which deals with different species and different body parts. One such branch of science is known as podiatry. Podiatry can be defined as the field of medicine in which feet and foot nails are dealt with. In simpler terms, podiatry is such a branch of science which cures or treats all of the feet related disorders, diseases and deformations. It is also known as chiropody. The person who has specialized in the field of podiatry is known as a podiatrist. Another term that is used for podiatrist is doctor of podiatric medicine or a physician.  

Different kinds of foot, ankle and foot nails deformities are treated by podiatrists. These deformations may vary from fungal nail infections to warts, from flat feet to heel pains and from rheumatoid arthritis to curly toes. The point of stating these deformities is to aware people that what a podiatrist can cure or treat. 


As we have already discussed that lot of such medical devices and equipments have been introduced that we can treat or cure almost any deformity or disorder and one such kind of a medical device is known as an orthotic. It is like a support that is given to the particular part of a body which is not moving properly. One such example of the use of orthotic in the field of podiatry is of shoe inserts which are used to provide support to the feet of a person. A person can walk properly again or can have a normal shaped feet by the insertion of feet orthotic. 


Science has introduced us with such discoveries that now we are able to treat almost every disease and disorder. We know that science is divided into various branches and one such kind of a branch is known as a podiatry. Podiatry deals with the foot, ankle and foot nails of human body. Every possible cure is provided to a person who has issues with his feet or foot nails in podiatrist Abbotsford. Orthotics is used to support the ankle or foot so that a person can move his foot properly. ‘AFA Podiatry” provides the best services of podiatry and orthotics.