Recovering From An Injury When You Are Older

When you are young, you can bounce back from most injuries very quickly , but as we get older things take longer to heal, especially if we are not enjoying excellent health overall. How do you recover as fast as you can and have the best attitude when you are older and wiser hopefully? Here are some things to consider.

Do everything possible

One of the best possible way to recover from that fracture you have on your foot for example, is to follow the doctor’s advice closely. If it is resting your foot and taking time off work or getting that physiotherapy done or seeing professional podiatrists, do all within your capacity to make your recovery complete and as quick as possible. Unfortunately, most injuries like a fracture, especially when a bone is broken quite badly, takes a lot of time to recover, 6 weeks at least in most cases, so it can be a frustrating time for you, as you can’t do the usual things you are used to doing like going taking the dog out for a walk or even driving.

Use the time to your advantage

You also may find that you have more time on your hands as you may not be able to go out as often or do all the chores you used to do. Although it is easy to give in to feelings of frustration and to feel depressed, overcome the temptation to feel sorry for yourself, but think of it as an opportunity to slow down and do the things you didn’t have time to do, read that book or write that long overdue letter or email or invite friends over for a cuppa. Attitude can make all the difference in how we see each situation.

Keep moving, when possible

If you are quite immobile and you need to rest as much as possible, then follow the doctor’s or podiatrist’s advice of course, but if you are able to move around, try to keep as much as possible to your normal lifestyle and use your body as much as you possible, as the common saying goes “use it or lose it!” Muscles can become stiff very quickly, so as much as you can, without hurting or injuring yourself further, try to be as active as possible.

Live a healthy life

Making changes to our lifestyle is not easy, but depending on the medical advice you are getting, try to use this time to work out how you can integrate good nutrition and more exercise into your lifestyle, if you haven’t been doing that already. Also, don’t forget to top up on the calcium, especially if you are a female as that would keep your bones healthy and well. Continue to see life as a gift and enjoy each day!