Signs You Might Need Dentures

Have you reached the age where most of your teeth are falling out or you’re just having a lot of oral health problems? With the increase in consumption of more and more junk food, pathological conditions or trauma, children too are getting dentures but they are often used in children to replace missing milk teeth up until they grow in their succeeding teeth, preventing the growing teeth from changing positions and becoming crooked. Adults or older people may need dentures due to tooth decay or to replace permanently missing teeth. One of the many reasons that older people are subjected to oral health problems is because of medications and drugs they may be taking for certain illnesses. Whether you’re a kid or an older person, there could be the possibility of you needing dentures so here are a few signs that you could use to know if you’re in for a visit to the orthodontist. 

Experiencing toothaches or swollen gums

Are you losing sleep over excruciating pain originating from your toothaches? If so that maybe somewhat of an indication that you need to visit your dentist or orthodontist.

It is absolutely crucial that you do not ignore these toothaches as toothaches are a symptom of gum disease and they are often caused by bacterial growth surrounding your teeth and this condition may even lead to tooth loss if the symptoms are ignored and the tissues around your affected tooth are destroyed. So if you are experiencing symptoms as such, you are definitely to pay a visit to the Brighton dentist.

Another sign that should not go unnoticed is red and swollen gums as they are a symptom of gum inflammation, both gum inflammation and gum disease are closely related often inflammation of your gums can lead to gum disease and the end result would be for you to get dentures. Gum inflammation causes bacteria in plaque to accumulate which can cause ones gums to become inflamed and red.

Missing teeth

This kind of condition can be seen more in older people as with aging, hormonal changes and gum recession. Gum recession is when the gum tissues that surrounds ones teeth starts to wear out and pulls back which leads to the teeth to be more exposed and if these symptoms go un treated, you may lose all of your teeth over time. So when you notice that your teeth starts to fall out make sure to go get checked up for your oral health because you will be able to have pearly whites once again through the installation of dentures considering the severity of your condition.

These two signs are clear indications for you to get your oral health examined.