Small Irregularities Can Cause A Huge Loss


The daily irregularity of life in the globalized world is a gateway for many acute syndromes. Late night working, multitasking, consumption of junk food, regular drinking and smoking are the causes of many new diseases in the third world countries.

What is polycystic ovary syndrome?

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is one such disorder that is slowly affecting many. It is a common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age. The symptoms are so negligible that they are easily overlooked and escaped, allowing the disease to take a bad shape. Every woman does not have an equal hormone secretion. Women secreting more of androgen are likely to get attacked to this disorder. Opting for the PCOS treatment, from an early stage is often very effective to overcome the problem, and to conceive safely in the futre.

Symptoms that is common among the patients

Any individual having such disorder may not have similar symptoms as another woman suffering from the same. But abruptly few remain common. They are like:

• Unwanted body /facial hair

• Thinning hair on scalp

• Irregular menstrual problem

• Weight problems

• Infertility

• Mood swings

• Skin problems like patched skin, acne, wrinkles

In case you have been experiencing these problems, visit the gynecologist immediately.

Small checks in your lifestyle can also check the syndrome

• Lower your weight if you weigh more, this will also initiate a regular menstrual cycle leading to normal ovulation.

• A daily balanced diet is urgently necessary for every urban life. Enough amounts of vegetables, fiber and fruits are a must. Whole-grain, low-fat dairy products and the good amount of protein is equally required.

• Regular exercise will help with good circulation of blood.

These are some self-maintaining tips that can help you in regulating such disorders.

Treatments that can be taken help of

• Hormone therapy is another kind of therapy that helps in regulating such sickness. If weight loss fails in regulating ovulation, medical aid can be taken to start ovulation. If you are avoiding pregnancy, hormone therapy is useful in controlling ovary hormones. This therapy is also effective in reducing the growth of facial hair and acne. Vaginal rings, birth control pills, and patches are generally suggested in hormone therapy. In fact, birth control pills help in keeping the endometrial lining from building tools. This is a huge prevention of uterine cancer.

• Medication which includes insulin is also helpful.

• Androgen- blocking medication through injection or medicines.

• Treating infertility.

Regular checkups of blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol, and diabetes can help you to prevent before it becomes worse. Finally, with a proper diagnosis and an effective PCOS treatment, it is easily cured.