What Parts of Your Body Can Easily Be Replaced?


When your car or any other machine that you use break down, there is some way or other you can have the broken part replaced. Spare parts are available in shops and could be bought off the shelf. But when it comes to our body parts is it possible to replace an organ or a part of your body if their functionality fails? Having spare bones, heart or a brain is not as practical as ordering a spare tire, engine or an exhaust. Yet science and the field of medicine has evolved tremendously that it is actually not anything to be amazed about. Here are a few common body parts that can be replaced and fixed when broken.


We have all heard about these types of replacements. Teeth are the most common body part that is being replaced and one of the easiest to do so. Teeth are often replaced with bridges, implants and dentures that look just as natural teeth. Tending for these artificial teeth and denture repairs in Brisbane are equally important as implanting them. There are researches that are being carried out to protect teeth even before they decay and create cavities.


It is quite hard to believe that your hip could actually be replaced but yes it is possible. This operation is done using a prosthetic ball and a socket. Though this may not be easy as fixing artificial teeth or denture repairs, it is not as hard as it seems to be due to the evolving technology. The first total hip replacement was performed in the 1950s and definitely it attracted a lot of attention at that time.


Damage to the face is one that can cause a big impact to your self confidence and self esteem. Especially due to domestic violence, road accidents, car crashes and bomb blasts many people are subjected to face deformities. These can be rectified with plastic surgeries and you could even have your face changed to anything you want it to be.


Most victims of breast cancer will face the traumatic situation of having one or both their breasts removed for treatments. This could be a huge impact to most women and their self confidence. Doctors will use a tissue of the remaining breast or from another part of your body to rebuild the breast tissues. Doctors also use medical tattooing to recreate the areola and the nipple.

Heart tissue and blood vessels

Heart disease is very common in today’s world and as a result there is a huge effort by most scientists to find a solution for this disease. Scientists have discovered a way to produce artificial vessels as most heart diseases occur due to blocking of blood vessels. These methods are still in the experimental stage and haven’t been tested on anybody yet.