Why Do People Have Cosmetic Surgery?

Everyone has those niggling self-doubts about their bodies, whether you’ve caught wrinkles showing up on your face or you think your bum might look a little big. Most people will not go under the knife however, but some people do opt for some kind of cosmetic surgery to try and rectify the problem. 

Most people leave the cosmetic surgery and Botox needles alone and just get on with life. Some people don’t, though, and some people feel compelled to take a trip to their nearest cosmetic surgery and fix the problems they see in the mirror. But why? If most people will leave cosmetic surgery why do the select few feel compelled to get it done?

The topic of cosmetic surgery is a sensitive and controversial issue which can’t be covered in five hundred words, but here’s my attempt anyway and a few reasons why people have cosmetic surgery.


Although it may be a bit of a generalisation it does hold water that a majority of people who have cosmetic surgery have insecurities about their bodies that they want rectifying. Cosmetic surgery is in a majority of cases a solution to the age old problem, getting old. When you were young and once turned heads as you walked into the bar it can be hard to grow old ‘gracefully’ and not wish you still had the looks and power that you had for the majority of your life, and cosmetic surgery helps.


The green headed monster is a terrible thing and there can be nothing worse than seeing that one beautiful person that seemingly has it all, from the boobs to the bum. Today, there are a variety of different cosmetic surgery options that can change almost every aspect of your body. It’s not just about Botox injections anymore and beating the signs of ageing, it’s about modifying all your problem areas and looking the best you can from having liposuction to having bum implants to make it look like Jennifer Lopez’s or Nicki Minaj’s.


Most generally the people who have cosmetic surgery have the expendable funds to get it done. It’s not that the people who have cosmetic surgery done are the minority who are that insecure or jealous that they fork out thousands of dollars to their plastic surgeon for a few Botox injections or liposuction, it’s that they have the resources to do something about it. Most women would admit that if they had the cash they would undergo some kind of cosmetic surgery if they felt they had a flaw that cosmetic surgery could fix, it’s just that those who do have the money to do it.


With all the talk of cosmetic surgery showing insecurity, the few who get it done are not affected by the stigma that surrounds it and they are strong enough to know it is what they want and is what will make them feel better.